Nummerpladeskruer 2015

Fra d. 15 november 2015 skal alle nummerplader på biler i Danmark være skruet fast med en løsning, der lever op til SKATs krav. Loven blev vedtaget to år tidligere, men SKAT har givet to års frist til at få nummerpladerne skruet fast, inden politiet vil begynde at skrive bøder for manglende sikring af nummerpladerne.

Skruerne skal være dækket af hætter i samme farve som nummerpladen, og fastgørelsen af nummerpladen må ikke gå ud over læsbarheden, og det er et krav, at det er nødvendigt at bruge værktøj for at afmontere nummerpladerne.

Vi har fundet en nem og enkel løsning til fastgørelse af nummerplader på

Classic 2D Images VS 360 Deg Product Images

2d product images vs 360 degree product images

Internet and websites have been around for about 20 years or so. In its infancy, websites was mostly a text based medium, which slowly became more colorful as images and pictures were added to the pages. An image affects the minds of consumers at a larger scale, because it has the ability to convey the benefits of a product or service. It is also helps to attract the notice of the visitors, who may gradually turn out to be customers or clients.

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10 mistakes often made by newbie internet marketers

are you a noob?

Most new internet marketers often continue to make the same mistakes again and again. The reason for this because they don’t have a definite plan about what to do and so make common internet marketing mistakes, one of which is “wasting their time”. However, this deserves its own section. In addition, some of the other common mistakes most new marketers make are as under:

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How to Backup Your WordPress Website

wordpress backup image

Creating a backup of a WordPress website is a responsibility that many people dismiss or overlook as they think that it is the scope of the hosting company to safeguard your data. But this is not the case as it is your duty to safeguard the information and data. Therefore you should definitely keep your WordPress database and its other files backed up for restoration in case some disaster strikes.

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Notepad++ vs Eclipse vs Dreamweaver

notepad++ vs eclipse vs dreamweaver

Developers need a solid text editor is for working with complex web applications. It may be for creating a site from a scratch, for editing a CSS file or even just messing around with the configuration files on the server. For them, a good, solid text editor is the smiths hammer. You can find very good text editors both for free and at high cost. If you constantly work with a text editor then it an important choice. Below is a comparison of three popular text editors which will go a long way in helping you choose the best one for your use.

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How to write good a project specification for website projects

For writing a good project specification for website projects it does not really matter if you are building a great website like Twitter or a small one with a tiny member’s area; the point is to create a perfect manuscript outlining the total working and applicability of the project, giving your developers a scheme to work upon and, more significantly, to ensure that both you and your consumers get to the same page. Continue reading

The Impact of Good Product Images on a Landing Page

 product images

Whenever you want to promote a product on the internet, you have to develop a website for showcasing the product along with its specifications and other details so that it is able to draw the attention of the consumers. In many cases you should try to make a good landing page as it is an important element of your website, as it is good for search engines and the visitors end up directly where they are going to make the buying decision you want them to make.

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Creating a PSD Design File for a WordPress theme

create psd file for wordpress

Many people who have a design in their hands, either created by themselves or through a professional have often questioned on how to use and apply the design to their website. Most of them, who use WordPress, have some fundamental knowledge of HTML along with coding web layouts. They believe that creating a PSD design file for a WordPress theme is simple. However, this is not so. It is a lot more complicated due to the fact that often the layout is handled by the CSS and not the tables. Moreover, the main content, header and footer areas are mostly not contained in one single file.

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